The Pre-1920 Heddon Lure and Box

1903 - 1920


James Heddon & Son   -   James Heddon's Sons

Dowagiac, Michigan

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Topics discussed or shown: Heddon lures and boxes.  Research on Heddon Dowagiac fishing lures and boxes.  Heddon wood boxes with underwater minnows.  Articles on collecting cup-rig lures, High forehead lures and Heddon white boxes, Photos and information on the Slope nose picture box, down leaping bass box, Heddon Pine Tree box, blue border box, white border box, Artistic box, multiple minnow box, Heddon 'It Swims' box, Killer box, grading lures, lure collecting


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Heddon Lures and Boxes


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Heddon Dowagiac


 1913 Heddon Catalog

Lure collecting addiction: a serious problem, an article about buying too many lures

Pre-1920 Heddon lure identification, a point by point method to identify a lure

Heddon lure identification by type of hardware.  Photos and text explanations

Heddon 100 and 150 statistics to help match correct lure and box

Heddon 250 notes and the color Welbourne Special

1905 to 1908 comparative nose anatomy to identify Heddon lures

Lure construction details for identification

Heddon wood boxes: identification and dating.  Photos of wood boxes

Heddon 150 color chart from the early catalogs




Heddon 1908 color chart  contract lures from Norvell-Shapleigh Hardware Co.

Colors by rarity for selected early Heddon lures, two pages

Old yellow and old rainbow Heddon colors

Early and later sienna colors of Heddon lures

Color chart for identification of Heddon box numbers

1904-1912 model 100 body shapes and boxes.  Photos of minor variations

1904-5 body style with cut off nose and tail

1905 model 100 body styles, colors, and shapes.  More photos

1906 vs 1908 100 and 150 body and cups

1906 vs 1908 175 lure, box, and paper

Manufacture date sequences for early Heddon lures

Four hook Heddon Slopenose Expert Dowagiac with gold wash cups

Heddon 'Florida Special' lure and Artistic box

Heddon Lure Boxes:

Lure box identification: 1904-1930.  Photos of early and rare Heddon boxes

Lure box identification: examples of early pre-1920 boxes, box side data

Lure Hardware & Lure Box Identification 1904 to 1930.  Photos of lure details

Wood lure boxes by Heddon, identification and discussion

NEW-DOWAGIAC lure wood box, identification and markings 

Heddon white lure box vs Pine Tree lure box 100 body shape comparison 

Lure box early brochure paper and which Heddon box is correct


See Antiquelures website for additional information on Heddon lures and other companies, lures, and boxes, especially early miscellaneous, and further articles.


1910 Heddon Catalog

Heddon Details & Photos 


Heddon Page One  

  • Slopenose in picture box

  • Killer in picture box

  • 901 in 'It Swims' box

  • 900 in white box

  • Black Sucker in Musky box

  • 700 sienna in Musky box

Heddon Page Two 

  • 150J frogscale

  • 3000 green crackleback Spindiver

  • 300 green crackle back

  • Underwater Dowagiac Minnow

  • 154 early solid red

  • 104 early solid red 

  • 707 sienna fancy back

Heddon Page  Three 

  • 1904 100, three belly wts. in wood box

  • 1905 150, two belly wts. in  wood box

  • 1907 100, two belly wt.

  • 1908 100, one belly wt. in wood box

  • 1908 150, one belly wt. in wood box

  • 1909 100, one belly wt. in white box

  • 1913 100, one belly wt. in Bass box

Heddon Page Four 

  • '00' yellow, green, red, in PineTree box

  • '0' red and black in Bass box

  • 3000D greenscale Spindiver in Bass box

  • 107 sienna, L-rig, in Bass box


Heddon Page Five

  • 109A, bar perch, L-rig, in Bass box

  • 102, red eye blush fat body, cup rig, in Bass box

  • 151, rainbow,  cup rig, in Bass box

  • 101, rain bow,  cup rig

  • 700, green crackleback, L-rig, in Bass box

  • Dummy Double in Bass box

  • 300 perch, flat plate, six hook, in Bass box

Heddon Page Six 

  • 109, silver flitter, blunt nose, in wood box

  • 159, silver flitter, blunt nose, in wood box

  • 158, gold flitter, fat body

  • 108, gold flitter, fat body

  • 108, gold flitter, fat body, in white box

Heddon Page Seven 

  • Bucktail Surface Minnow, in intro white box

  • 157 fat body cup rig in white box

  • 300 transitional high forehead in old rainbow

Heddon Page Eight 

  • 150 yellow, fat body, L-rig, in Bass box

  • 150 green crackle back, fat body, L-rig

  • 152 red eye, fat body, L-rig, in Bass box

  • 109B frog, L-rig, in Bass box

  • 3009B frog, L-rig, Spindiver in Bass box

Heddon Page  Nine 

  • Crag Wiggler, frogscale, in Bass box

  • Zaragossa, green back with flitter

  • Torpedo, green scale, side hooked


Heddon Page Ten 

  • 159A yellow perch in wood box

  • 107 sienna fancy back in wood box

  • 152 slate back in wood box

  • 151 old rainbow in wood box

  • 176 old rainbow in tall wood box

  • 300 green crackleback in wood box

  • 105 old yellow in wood box