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Variations of the Heddon fishing lure color sienna

The first appearance of the color sienna was in 1907.  See the color chart on early Heddon for when various colors were introduced.  The Artistic minnow in the introductory box came in sienna in 1907.  At some point a couple of other paint variations surfaced:  sienna rainbow or sienna 'fire'.  The variation called sienna rainbow or sienna fire is more rare than plain sienna fancy back and shows up in the 1908 wood box models into 1911 judging  by the minnows below.   Heddon's official name for what we often call "crackleback" was "Fancy" or "Fancy back".   Heddon's specific name for sienna crackleback was "Fancy sienna-yellow" around 1910 and later it was "Fancy Sienna back" in about 1912.  The dates can vary depending on who you worship.


Sienna rainbow or 'Sienna fire' version



Sienna fancy back variations



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