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Pre-1930 antique wood lures by Heddon, Shakespeare, Pflueger, and Early Miscellaneous minor makers

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Heddon Pre-1920 Lures and Boxes: All Pages

Pflueger Page One

  • 5 hook rainbow Neverfail in maroon box

  • 3 hook perch Neverfail in wood box

  • 5 hook white Monarch in wood box

  • 5 hook red Neverfail in maroon box

  • 5 hook frog Monarch in maroon box

  • 5 hook chub Monarch in maroon box

  • 5 hook yellow perch Monarch in maroon box

  • Triumph Champion minnow in maroon box

Shakespeare Lures and Boxes: Page One

  • 64 Musky, white

  • 64 Musky, green silver

  • 3 hook Rhodes minnow in early box

  • Revolution in black intro box

  • Sure Lure in black intro box

  • Worden Bucktail in black intro box

  • Rhodes Frog in wood box

  • 5 hook sienna minnow

  • 5 hook high forehead in picture box

Shakespeare Lures and Boxes: Page Two

  • 5 hook sienna minnow

  • 3 hook sienna minnow

  • 33 rainbow in wood box

  • 33 rainbow in gray box

  • Floating minnow in wood box

  • Slim Jim in intro box

  • 5 hook yellow in gray box

  • 33 metalized gold minnow in wood box

  • Spinner in wood box

Shakespeare Lures and Boxes: Page Three

  • New Shiner minnow in wood box

  • High forehead red floater with picture box

  • Whirlwind, red

  • Midget metalized minnow

  • Punkinseed

  • Killer torpedo

Shakespeare Lures and Boxes: Page Four

  • High forehead yellow floater

  • High forehead yellow 5 hook

  • High forehead Floater, red and silver

  • Rhodes yellow minnow

  • 43 rainbow minnow

  • Floater in yellow perch

1908 collection of Shakespeare lures

  • Shakespeare 1908 lures in a dealer display case
  • Everything Shakespeare made in 1908
  • Musky lures
  • Revolutions
  • Shakespeare minnows
  • Rhodes frog
  • Rhodes minnows

Early Miscellaneous Companies: Page One

  • 3 hook Pardee minnow

  • Miller's Reversible

  • 3 hook Winchester minnow in box

  • 5 hook Michigan Life-Like in box

  • 5 hook Woods Expert minnow

  • Detroit Glass Tube minnow in box

  • Detroit Wire Minnow Cage

Early Miscellaneous Companies: Page Two

  • K & K minnow in box

  • Wilcox Wiggler

  • Charmer minnow, white with red stripe

  • Pepper Roman Red Tail Minnow in wood box

  • Worden Combination minnow in White box

  • 3 hook Woods Expert minnow

  • 5 hook Woods Expert minnow in wood box

  • 5 hook Pardee minnow

Early Miscellaneous Companies: Page Three

  • Pepper Revolving Minnow in wood box

  • 5 hook Winchester minnow

  • Chippewa minnow in picture box

  • Pfeiffer Glass Minnow Tube in box

  • CCBC Open mouth Shiner in lavender intro box



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