Heddon Fishing Lures and Boxes: Page Five

  • 109A, bar perch, L-rig, Bass box

  • 102, red eye blush fat body, cup rig, Bass box

  • 151, rainbow fat body, cup rig, Bass box

  • 101, rainbow fat body, cup rig, no box

  • 700, green crackleback, L-rig, Bass box

  • Dummy Double, Bass box

  • 300 perch, flat plate, six hook, Bass box


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A c. 1920's Heddon 109A, in bar perch, with L-rig hardware, marked props.  A tough color and beautiful condition.

Condition is excellent, noting a few minor varnish flakes on the belly, for lure and excellent minus for the box.

h109abxend.jpg (21102 bytes)

A c. 1913 Heddon 102, in cup rig, with marked props, red eye blush, light slate back, white body. 

Lure is excellent, box is exc. minus and correctly marked.   No paper.

h102bxlure.jpg (23147 bytes)100rwleft.jpg (17576 bytes)
A c. 1913 Heddon 151, fat body, cup rigged,  in rainbow with the correct box.
Lure is in like-new excellent plus condition, box is excellent minus.  No paper.
A c. 1913 fat body 101, rainbow, cup rig, marked props.  

Condition is excellent plus, they don't get much better than this.



Rare c. 1915 Heddon 700 Musky in green crackleback and L-rig hardware, multiple belly weights, noting rings around the belly weights and some minor chipping of those rings. 

Lure is solid excellent other than noted rings, box is very good and well marked.  No paper.
 This is one awesome musky lure in the correctly marked box.

A c. 1920's Heddon Dummy Double, in the correct marked box with the correct paperwork. 

Lure is in excellent condition, noting a couple of tiny pointers on the back, box is excellent minus.  Paper is excellent.

h1500be.jpg (27679 bytes)  phdd.jpg (53969 bytes)
A c. 1934 Rare six hook Heddon 300 in yellow perch scale with six hooks and the more rare two piece hardware.  
Lure is in excellent /exc. minus condition, noting a 3 mm semi-circular mark on the back in the dark paint.   Box is excellent correct and marked.  No paper.
h3006hkbx.jpg (28892 bytes)h306hkpike.jpg (22765 bytes)


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