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  • Slopenose in picture box

  • Killer in picture box

  • 901 in 'It Swims' intro box

  • 900 in white box

  • 700 sienna in white musky box

  • Black Sucker in white musky box


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Rare c. 1904 Heddon Slope nose.  Two pin, brass cup and tail, hand painted collar.  Two hook.   In the correctly marked early oak leaf version picture box.  

Lure is in excellent plus condition, box is also in excellent plus condition.  No paper.

This lure was found in coal country of Montana.  It was stored in a metal box in the rafters of a miner's shack near a river.

Rare c. 1904 Heddon 'Killer', three belly weights,  in the correct rare and early oak leaf picture box.  The box is the earliest version with the oak leaf border instead of the later double blue line.  No paper, but example is included as in photos.

Box is very good plus, lure is very good.

hkillerbk.jpg (21525 bytes)hkiller.jpg (17858 bytes)
A rare c. 1910 Heddon 901 yellow with red spots in the extremely rare Introductory "It Swims, It Swims" box.   Box is marked 901. 
Lure is in excellent plus condition, noting slight hook mark in varnish at tail top,  box is excellent, noting small dent in box.  With correct Heddon marked packing tissue paper.
This is an extremely rare piece because it is the rare intro box with an excellent condition lure.
Additional photos:  paper
Rare Heddon 900, white with red and green decorations, in the correct marked white box. C. 1911. 

Lure is in like-new excellent plus condition, box is solid excellent . With correct paperwork.

This is the second version in the double blue line white box.

Additional photos:  paper

 h900be.jpg (22487 bytes)  ph900.jpg (49490 bytes)
c. 1912,  Heddon 700 in cup rig in the white box.

The white box is the Musky version with the down leaping Bass logo printed on top with a single blue line around the border.

H700bxend.jpg (17987 bytes)

h700.jpg (18800 bytes)h700bx.jpg (25071 bytes)
Rare c. 1912 Heddon musky Black Sucker 1300, cup rigged, marked props, in the white box which is correctly marked on the end.


Hsuckerbxend.jpg (16010 bytes)

hsucker.jpg (18767 bytes)Hsuckerbx.jpg (22029 bytes)


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