Heddon Fishing Lures and Boxes: Page Three

  • 1904 100, three belly wts. in wood box
  • 1905 150, two belly wts. in  wood box
  • 1905 100, two belly wts. (no box)
  • 1907 100, two belly wts. in wood box
  • 1908 100, one belly wt. in wood box
  • 1908 150, one belly wt. in wood box
  • 1909 100, one belly wt. in white box
  • 1913 100, one belly wt. in Bass box

(A progression of Heddon lures 1904 to the 1912 in green crackleback.  Note the body shapes, size, and configurations.  All lures shown with boxes are in the correct boxes which is very difficult to do in this time frame.  

Reference: see Bill Sonnett's article on "8 years of Heddon Hardware" published in the Premier Issue of the NFLCC Magazine on page 22 for extensive details.)


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Extremely Rare package:  c. 1904 Heddon 100 with brass hardware, slim body, pointed nose, sweeping gill marks, small eyes, three belly weights, in the ultra rare, one way, "New" Dowagiac Minnow wood box, which is correctly marked on both ends. 
Lure is in excellent condition, box is excellent (noting rail stop on left end of slide track is missing).  No paper.
This is an extremely hard package to put together with both the correct lure and a marked "New" box.


Rare c. 1905 Heddon high forehead 100, brass hardware, brass cups, sweeping gill marks to the cup, unmarked prop, two belly weights.  Excellent condition.  No paper.

Needs a Type IV wood box with "Hung!" 


C. 1905-6 rare Heddon high forehead 150 in green crackleback, sweeping gill marks, two belly weights, pointed nose, unmarked prop,  brass hardware, in the equally rare correct (Hung!) hard wood box.  

As is normal for this box, there is no marking on the end or sides. 
Lure is in excellent condition, box is excellent minus.  No paper.
X-rays ( side, top) show a wood knot running from bottom to side which is about 3/16 diameter and shows as a circle on the side and a tube in the bottom photos.
A c. 1908 Heddon 150, in green crackleback, hand painted gill marks, blunt nose, single belly weight, cup rig, unmarked props. 

In the correct Heddon wood box marked 150.  No paper.   Lure is in like new excellent plus condition, box is excellent.

 h150gcbbe.jpg (31516 bytes)
A c. 1907 Heddon 100, cup rig, tiny eyes, two small belly weights, slim body, more pointed nose, straight gill marks with nickel plated hardware and unmarked props.   

The type four wood box is unmarked as is normal for late type four.  No paper.

Lure is excellent minus.  Box is excellent.


h100grnckbk2bw.jpg (20650 bytes)
A c. 1908 Heddon blunt nose100 in green crackleback, cup rigged, nickel-plated hardware, unmarked props.  Large single belly weight.

In the correct marked wood box with correct "The Why of It" paperwork. 

Lure is in excellent condition, box is excellent.  Paper is very good.
h100be.jpg (29078 bytes) 
A c. 1909-1911 Heddon 100 with fat body, green crackleback, long hand painted gill marks, cup rig, no name on props.  Note: this is the correct white box for this lure.
Lure is very good plus.  Box is marked 100 and in very good condition.  No paper.


h100fbwb.jpg (27088 bytes)

h100fbgcb.jpg (20604 bytes)

A c. 1913-14 Heddon 100, green crackleback, in cup rig, with marked props in the correct marked box. 

The lure and box are in excellent condition.  No paper.

 h100billbxend.jpg (23746 bytes)

h100billbx.jpg (25900 bytes) h100bill.jpg (18906 bytes)


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