Early Wood Box Heddon Lures: Page Ten

  • 159A yellow perch in wood box

  • 107 sienna fancy back in wood box

  • 152 slate back in wood box

  • 151 old rainbow in wood box

  • 176 old rainbow in tall wood box

  • 300 green crackleback in wood box

  • 105 old yellow in wood box


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Heddon 159A in Yellow 'Bar' Perch.  Type V wood box marked 159A Yellow Perch.   This lure is a later transition version c. 1911-12, note the nose is no longer blunt like the 1908, but more pointed.   Lure and box were found together.
With correct  paperwork. Lure is excellent plus condition (noting longitudinal cracks), box is excellent plus.  "The Why of It" paper is only good.
 h159abe.jpg (25924 bytes)  
A c. 1908 Heddon 107 in fancy sienna crackleback.  Type V wood box marked Fancy Back Sienna 107.   This lure is absolutely crisp.

With correct excellent condition "The Why of It" paperwork. Lure is in like-new excellent plus condition, box is excellent minus.


h107wbbe_small.jpg (9727 bytes)  ph3hktwoi.jpg (56116 bytes)
h107siennawoodbox.jpg (25908 bytes)h2107wb.jpg (20444 bytes)
A c. 1908 Heddon 152 in shiny slate back, white belly.  In the correct Type V wood box marked 152.  Another crisp and rare color minnow.

With correct very good condition "The Why of It" paper work. Lure is like-new excellent plus condition, box is excellent minus.

 h152whitebe.jpg (27345 bytes)  ph5hktwoi.jpg (42249 bytes)
A c. 1908 Heddon 151, in old rainbow, in the correct wood box marked 151. 

With correct , good condition, "The Why of It" paperwork.  Lure is in excellent minus condition, noting a couple of very light hook marks in the varnish, box is excellent minus.

h151rainbowbe.jpg (33046 bytes)  
A c. 1908, rare Heddon 175,  early rainbow, in rare correctly marked tall wood.  Box marked 176, with the extremely rare correct 175 paperwork.   The box is the tall variety.

Lure is in exc. minus condition ( noting box top scrape to primer on back in photo), box is excellent.  

What makes this piece unique is the early lure style and early color, the unobtainable paperwork, and the extremely hard to acquire tall wood box.  It's marked with the "Hung!".   The whole package is a matched set and beyond rare.  Where have you seen another?

h176rbbe.jpg (24452 bytes)  ph175.jpg (48878 bytes)
A rare c. 1908 two hook Heddon 300, cup rig, hand painted gill marks, early green crackleback, in the correctly 300 marked wood box. 

The lure is very good plus (noting some varnish flakes and belly varnish is thinly coated), the box is excellent.  No paper. 

The rarity here is in the box and matching correct rare lure.

h300wb.jpg (23282 bytes)h300wbgcb.jpg (19418 bytes)
A c. 1908 Heddon 105 in rare old yellow (early green back, pink sides, yellow belly) in the correct marked wood box with "The Why of It" paperwork. 
Lure is in excellent condition, box is excellent.  Paper is in very good plus condition.
(Yellow is one of the toughest marked boxes to acquire as are the correct lures in correct early yellow.)
h105wbbe.jpg (30289 bytes)  
mvc-029s.jpg (20156 bytes)h2105yel.jpg (19233 bytes)


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