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  • Bucktail Surface Minnow, in intro white box

  • 157 fat body cup rig in white box

  • 300 transitional high forehead in white box


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A c. 1907/1908 Heddon  Bucktail  Surface Minnow in the ultra rare intro box with a sienna skull cap and yellow lure .  The unique part of this package is the box and paper as both are very rare.   This set is rarely seen and few are in this condition.

The correctly marked intro box contains the rare correct paperwork for this lure in excellent condition.  Lure is excellent minus, noting a belly weight chip, box is excellent minus.

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A c. 1910 Heddon 150 fat body in fancy sienna crackleback, cup rigged.  Long sweeping gill marks into the eye and cup, unmarked props.

This is a hard to find color, not to mention the size and shape of the lure.    

In the correct era unmarked  white box with the correct paper.

Lure is excellent condition,  box is good.  Paper is excellent.

siennaboxend.jpg (21190 bytes)

Rare c. 1907 Heddon transitional high forehead 301 in old rainbow.  Cup rigged, sweeping gill marks, large belly hook.  

In the correct era unmarked white box with correct paper for the white box.

Lure is in excellent minus condition.  The white box is in excellent condition.  The paper is excellent.


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