Heddon Fishing Lures and Boxes: Page Eight

  • 150 yellow, fat body, L-rig, in Bass box

  • 150 green crackle back, fat body, L-rig,  Bass box

  • 152 red eye, fat body, L-rig, in Bass box

  • 109B frog, L-rig, in Bass box

  • 3009B frog, L-rig, Spindiver in Bass box


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Heddon 150, fat body, L-rigged in lipstick shiny solid yellow, with correctly marked box.  You have to see this one to believe the condition.  It was obtained from a private individual and had never been in the hands of a collector.  Truly tough as it gets and in the early marked box.

Lure is in like-new excellent plus condition, box is excellent minus.  No paper.



Heddon 150, fat body,  L-rig, in dark green crackleback with the large spaced gold crackle between the dark, almost black, green spaces. 

Lure is excellent plus condition.  Correct tall box is very good plus, partially marked (15X)


Heddon 152, fat body, L-rigged, with red eye blush, in correctly marked box.   This bait is slick and came from the same owner as the solid yellow lure.  Unused, and minty.

Lure is excellent plus condition, box is excellent minus.  No paper.


A c. 1920's Heddon 100 in frog, L-rig.  In the correctly marked box.

Lure is excellent, noting two tiny pointers , box is solid excellent.


 h100frgbxnd.jpg (24041 bytes)

h100frogbx.jpg (28088 bytes)h100frog.jpg (20921 bytes)

A c. 1918 Heddon 3000 Spindiver in beautiful spotted frog spot design.  L-rig hardware.

Lure is in excellent condition, noting a couple of tiny varnish rubs, a shank rub on back tip of tail fin as is normally found.  

Box is correctly (lightly) marked 3009B and excellent minus.  A truly rare combination and all correct.


h3009b.jpg (34859 bytes)

h3009bx.jpg (32738 bytes)h3009frog.jpg (19223 bytes)


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