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1905 Heddon 100 High Forehead Minnows


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Heddon Dowagiac High Forehead Minnows

The 1905 Heddon high forehead 100 has several forms.  It varied in the shape and position of the cup relative to the eyes and where the gill marks were placed.  The other variables are the shape of the tail which can be seen to vary in taper.  The lures shown here could vary in date by a year either way form 1905, but all are high forehead, brass hardware, two belly weights, sweeping gill marks and belong in a wood box.

1905 High Forehead 100, sweeping gill marks, brass hardware

These lures serve to exhibit  variations in cup placement and shape

Note the very slim tail, cup is below the eye hrs1.jpg (5385 bytes)
Note the longer and more narrow nose, shorter height, cup is below the eye hrs2.jpg (5589 bytes)
Note the thicker tail, cup is below the eye hrs3.jpg (5937 bytes)
Note cup is directly behind the eye
Note shorter height, cup is lower relative to the eye hrs5.jpg (4629 bytes)

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