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Heddon Lure Body Anatomy Sequences

1904 - 1912

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Heddon Fishing Lure Body Anatomy 1904 - 1912

The body shape progression of Heddon model 100 cup rig lures from 1904 to 1912

150 models shown for 1908 to 1909

Editing by Joe Stagnitti

Not all body shapes are represented.  See the article by Bill Sonnett in the Premier issue (1991) of the NFLCC Magazine for a full discussion of this topic.

1. c.1904, 100, three belly weights, slim body, brass hardware.  Paper

2. c. 1905, 150, two belly weights brass hardware, high forehead, sweeping gill marks.  Paper

3. c. 1907, 100, two belly weights, nickel hardware. Paper

4. c. 1908, 100, one belly weight, nickel hardware, blunt nose.  Paper

5. c. 1911, 100, one belly weight, fat  body, no name on prop, white box model.  Paper

6. c. 1912-15, 100, one belly weight, slimmer fat body, with name on prop. Paper


1. c.1904, 100: three belly wt., no name on prop,  box: 'New' Dowagiac wood box


2. c. 1905, 100, two belly weights, no name on prop, box  See additional 1905 body styles and colors


3. c. 1907, 100, two belly weights, no name on props, box: Wood box




4. c. 1908, 100,one belly weight, no name on prop, box:  wood box


5. c. 1911, 100 one belly weight, fat body, no name on prop, box: white box model


6. c. 1912-15, 100, one belly weight, cup rig, name on prop: white or blue down leaping Bass box


Additional discussion on white/Pine Tree boxes and lure size and shape

Heddon 150 c. 1908 (upper) vs. c. 1909 (lower).  Note the pointed nose of the lower bait.  The upper bait is more blunt and called a 'bluntnose' for that reason.

The 1908 will be found in a wood box, the 1909 will be found in white box.  That said, it is entirely possible a late type V wood box could have the 1909 lure in it as Heddon would use left over boxes for current lures.

Additional Heddon data and descriptions

Additional 1905 Heddon 100's to compare shapes


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