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Heddon Nose Shapes 1903, 05, 06, 07


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Comparative Anatomy of Heddon Noses in 1903, 05, 06, 07

Early Heddon lures have distinctive nose form and this information can greatly help one to identify and date pre-1920 Heddon 100 and 150 lures.


100 150
1903- 4, long narrow nose, eye at level of center line.
1905, high forehead, long pointed nose, sweeping gill marks, high vertical height.  Steep forehead.  Eye above center line.
1906 - 7, less pointed slimmer nose, shorter vertical height. More rounded sloping forehead.
1907- 8, blunt nose, rounded nose, shorter nose, higher vertical height than the 07 version.  Rounded forehead.

An interesting side light is that the 1905 was made with nickel plated cups in the second half of 1905.  In the first half of 1905 the lures had brass cups.


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