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1907 vs 1908 Heddon Minnows


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1907 vs 1908 Heddon Fishing Minnows

The cups on a 1908 Heddon 150 or 100, which would  be found in a wood box, are raised on the front part of the cup rim to divert the hook away from the body.  The earlier 1906-7 cup, which would also be found in a wood box, is flat rimmed and not raised.  The 1908 nose is blunt and the 1906-7 nose is longer and more pointed.  (photos courtesy of Barry Piper)

  1. 1906 has nickel hardware instead of brass like the 1905

  2. 1907 first version with blunt nose, except it's a little narrower and longer

  3. 1908-9 typical blunt nose baits found in wood boxes

  4. Additional anatomy discussion on 1904 to 1912 Heddon 100 lures




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