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The Heddon lure collection

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An index of information on Heddon fishing lures and boxes

Pronunciations:  Heddon (Head-don); Dowagiac (Doe-wa'-gee-ack)

Pre-1920 Heddon Lures

and many more Heddon articles

Articles, catalogs, and identification data

  • Heddon early catalogs: lure color plates and actual examples of box paper brochures

  • Heddon lure box examples:  a key to dating the type of lure that you have and linking them to the hardware.

  • Heddon boxes and hardware: Lure Hardware Identification and how to identify and date a Heddon lure and what box is correct for what hardware.  Photos and information to help you communicate with other collectors about what you have or don't have.

  • Heddon details: body styles, gill marks, and other features to differentiate lures.

  • Heddon Dates of Manufacture for lures in this collection to help you figure out approximately when a Heddon lure was made based on appearance in the catalogs.

  • Heddon's wood box model underwater minnows: a photo essay for indentification and discussion of the boxes for 1908 versions, compare wood box model bluntnose 100's and 150's in seven different colors.

  • Print-out these exclusive charts of early Heddon colors and the availability of each color for selected early lures.

  1. Chart-1: Heddon 150 colors and numbers: when a given color was introduced and existed
  2. Chart-2: Heddon lure colors and numbers: for early and later 100's & 150's, 700, 20
  3. Chart-3: Heddon lure colors and numbers: for Spindiver, Artistic minnow, 260, 350, 40, 50

Photos of lures,   boxes, and history

Additional Heddon information on pre-1920 lures and boxes


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