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If what you want to sell is not found on this site, please let us know what you have and we'll make an effort to refer you to a collector who may be interested.  This is a service  provided at no charge and hopefully we will be able to pair you with a serious collector who will pay you the most for your lures. 

Reels, wood, metal, or plastic lures

E-mail Gabby for referral to a lure collector

Contact information such as phone numbers and address

Please be sure to get VERY specific about what you have to sell when you e-mail.  We need details or photos in ( .jpg ) format so I know where to refer you.   Please include your name with the e-mail so we can respond to a person....!

Stories about people who have sold their lures and boxes into this collection:  a Tribute to some of the families and individuals who helped preserve our heritage

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Have lures or reels you want  to sell?   Contact Gabby Talkington:  Contact information

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