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Contact: phone and e-mail information for Gabby Talkington

Private and Discrete.  All information is kept in strict confidence.    

"I want to buy your lures and to all the rest, but let me make you an offer before you sell"

You can print this page to give to someone else, and here's some other pages you should print out for a friend: 

    Please limit your contact to lures and lure boxes which are available for sale.    

  • A flow chart to determine if your lures are pre-1940, pre-1960 or earlier wanted too.

  • Wanted List page one and page two

  • How much are your lures worth?   Click here to get...Pricing advice.

  • When you call or e-mail about your lures or lure boxes please give details, the more the better. 

    Here are some examples of the type of information I need for any company:   

  • Determine if your lures are pre-1940 or later, pre-1960 lures wanted too.

  • Colors: (see examples of the Numbers on the end of the boxes, or names of colors)

  • Condition: (please see grading), of the paint

  • Type of eyes, if present: (made of glass or just painted on)

  • Type of boxes: (wood or cardboard)

  • Identify Heddon lures by the hardware and compared to other minnows

  • Any maker names on the baits or boxes



Send e-mail to Gabby Talkington

Please... put your name on your e-mail 

E-mail Gabby Talkington at:

If you can send digital photos, please send them with your initial contact.  I have a high-speed connection, so send all you want...

Lures for sale? 

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Gabby Talkington's home/cell phone for general discussions or questions about lures or boxes you want to sell is.... 

1 - 510-541-5335  

Call times are for California PST

 9AM to 10 PM Pacific Std. Time 

If you have fishing tackle which is available for sale, and you wish to discuss that tackle:

1 - 510-541-5335  

Call times are for California PST

 9AM to 10 PM Pacific Std. Time 

Call if you want to talk about selling your collection or a single lure.  I pay top dollar and actually know what I'm talking about...!

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Mailing and shipping address for Gabby Talkington:

Gabby Talkington

4703 Upland Drive

Richmond, California  94803

More information on shipping items

Use the address above for sending photos or mailing lures and boxes  



Have lures or reels you want  to sell?   Contact Gabby Talkington:  Contact information

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