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Heddon boxes needed for this collection with prices

Gabby Talkington

These are approximate prices we will pay for nice condition empty boxes, we will pay more with the lure depending on the condition of the lure.

Prices vary with color, condition, grade, markings, age, and desirability.

Prices are constantly updated...

How to grade boxes

c. 1902, "picture box", may have various pictures on box with "Dowagiac" name


hbx1.jpg (78566 bytes)
c. 1908, Artistic Minnow box


hbx15.jpg (55221 bytes)
c. 1908 "White box with blue line border"


hbx4.jpg (76352 bytes)
c. 1910 "wood box" with sliding top


hbx2.jpg (90451 bytes)
c. 1903 "wood box" with one way sliding top.  The NEW "DOWAGIAC"

$1,500 -up

c. 1912 "Pine tree box", pine trees in the background with "up" leaping Bass


hbx6.jpg (83460 bytes)
c. 1912-1913, "blue border" down leaping Bass box


hbx3.jpg (70473 bytes)
c. 1912-1913, "white border" down leaping Bass box


hbx5.jpg (75376 bytes)
c. 1914-1920, "Game Fish", down leaping bass box with red edge


hbx7.jpg (67483 bytes)
c. 1920's-1927, "Genuine", down leaping Bass box with red edge


hbx9.jpg (88247 bytes)
c. 1927, "up leaping Bass" box, with red edge


hbx8.jpg (96558 bytes)
c. 1932, "Fish Flesh" box


hb12.jpg (106715 bytes)
c. 1933, "Brush" box


hbx11.jpg (63806 bytes)
c. 1947, "Heddon wedge logo" up leaping Bass box


hbx10.jpg (77510 bytes)
c. 1918, "Tadpolly" intro box


hbx13.jpg (70296 bytes)
c. 1919, "Deep-O-Diver" intro box


hbx14.jpg (66970 bytes)



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