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Below are various types of Creek Chub lure boxes in order of age

* Prices vary with color, condition, grade, markings, age, and desirability.

If you have a box like 1,2, or 3 for sale. with or without the lure, please e-mail us  The prices are the approximate values we will pay for boxes in similar condition to those shown.

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1 Early, c. 1915-1916, Intro box for 100 Wiggler.  Note primitive drawing and light yellow box.   $300-up * ccb2.jpg (43460 bytes) ccb2a.jpg (13165 bytes)
2 Later, c. 1919-1921, Intro box for 100 Wiggler.  Note more detailed drawing and darker colored box.  Comes with various pictures: $300-up * ccb1.jpg (38836 bytes) ccb1a.jpg (11451 bytes)
3 c. 1917, Open Mouth Shiner Intro box.  Note lavender color.   $500-up * ccb3.jpg (46670 bytes) ccb3a.jpg (10728 bytes)
4 Typical post 1921 Creek Chub box, with earlier end label rather than stamped number.  I do not buy this type.

$5-20 (must be marked)

ccb4.jpg (78741 bytes) ccb4a.jpg (16178 bytes)

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