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Pre-1920 Heddon lure identification


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Pre-1920 Heddon fishing lure identification


A flow chart to help you identify Heddon pre-1920 fishing lures.

1. Your first stop is the propeller.  Does the propeller have writing on it? (Name on prop). If it says 'Dowagiac' on the prop, then you have a post 1912 lure.  If there is no writing on the prop, (No name on prop), then it's pre-1912, IF it is a Heddon lure.


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2. Next, let's determine the type of hook hardware.  Brass cups are generally the earliest, c.1903-5, then nickel plated cup hardware is next, post 1905, then L-rig hardware is post 1914.  Cup hardware ended in 1914, L-rig hardware stared in 1914.  If your lure has nickel plated cup hardware, it's pre-1914.  If it has brass hardware, it's pre-1906.  Gold wash cups are the earliest and are only found on 1902-3 lures.


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3. Now let's look at information about belly weights and other easily identifiable features.  If you have a three or five hook minnow, and there are three belly weights, this is c. 1903.  Two belly weights, in general are post 1904, to c.1906.  After early 1907, expect one large or one smaller belly weight.  The number and size of the gill marks is very important too.  If the gill marks are 'sweeping' and continue up into the cup rig hardware, this is typical of 1905 two belly weight lures.  Red blush sprayed on the chin, is typical of 1904 cup rig lures, etc.


See the extensive chart on this page for specific details that will help you determine which lure and age you have.


4. The next topic to discuss is the shape of the body and gill marks. 


Click here for Heddon Lure Details: photos of various size and body styles


5. The shape of the lure nose can help determine the approximate age.


Click here for photos of lure nose shapes

Click here for more body shapes to determine age


6.  Often the box the lure came in (if you have one) will help determine the age for you. 


A list of Heddon boxes which were used prior to 1920

A list of Heddon boxes used prior to 1920, more information

A list of Heddon wood boxes


Knowledge for Advanced Collectors of Heddon Lures and Boxes




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