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Lure Body Shape and the Heddon White vs. Pine Tree Boxes

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There is a general difference in the body styles between those lures found in later white boxes and those in the transitional Pine Tree box.  White boxes were used 1906 to 1911, the Pine Tree box was in use during 1912.  In the photos below, you'll note the earlier white box lure is more slim vertically than the later and fatter body of the Pine Tree lure.  Also note the lower position of the cup rig on the later 1912 lure.  

If you look at a comparison of these lures in Roberts and Pavey's book on early Heddon and cross reference them with Murphy and Edmisten's book, the general indication is the earlier lures are slimmer than the later fatter body style which is believed to have appeared in or around 1911 per the catalog.  The problem with relying on catalogs is they are by an artist, not photos and you don't know for sure when they were made relative to publication.  The same drawings were used for various advertisements and catalogs by Heddon over a period of years.  Art work was expensive, so it was used repeatedly.

Another method to compare the lure bodies is by prop hardware, length, and belly weights.  Both these later lures had single belly weights.  We know the props were first marked (Heddon) in 1912, so if the lure in the Pine Tree box is not marked, it would indicate an earlier lure.  If marked, then 1912.   Lures in white boxes should never have marked props since white box use was discontinued in 1911.   Then again, Heddon apparently routinely used left-over boxes or lures so there could easily be mixing during a transition period.

It is suggested you also consult the series of excellent articles on early Heddon hardware  by Bill Sonnett in the NFLCC Magazine which discusses  body shapes and additional details to determine age.  These articles can be obtained from the NFLCC library by members.

The body shape point is illustrated in the photos of two lures and boxes from California collector Wayne Jensen's fine collection.  Included are the drawings from two early Heddon catalogs for comparison.

1912                                                          1911  

hpttop.jpg (39791 bytes)            hwhitebxtop.JPG (39178 bytes)


1912                                                          1911  


 100 from the 1910 Heddon catalog            100 from the 1913 Heddon catalog 



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