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The Heddon 175 Heavy Casting Minnow

The Heddon 175 heavy casting minnow was made starting in 1906, existed in the catalogs until 1922, and was gone in 1924,  (According to catalog information in books by Clyde Harbin, and  Roberts & Pavey).   It was sold in an extra tall wood box to accommodate the large hooks until at least 1908 when the type V wood box was last used.  In 1910-11, the lure nose shape became more pointed again and was found in the standard white box until the down leaping Bass box appeared in 1912.

There are other 175 variations than those shown here.  (See Roberts and Pavey for other photos.)  Apparently the earliest 1906 version of the 175 has the shorter 'cut off' nose and tail, the body is stubby looking compared to the later versions.    

Heddon 176, tall box end, type IV, with 'Hung!' c. 1906-7
Heddon 176, tall box top, type IV, with 'Hung!' c. 1906-7
Heddon 176, early rainbow, c.1906-7, unmarked props, note the long tapered nose.
Heddon 175 box insert, showing the 175, c. 1906-7.  (Note the shape of the lure in the brochure paper, then compare it to the upper 1906-7 tapered or pointed nose lure vs the 1908 shorter bluntnose version.)
Heddon 1908 175, 'bluntnose' variation, unmarked props, similar to the other wood box blunt nose lures used in 1908
Heddon 1908 type V wood box end for a 175
Heddon 1908 type V wood box top, no '!' point after Hung, mentions 'Canadian'
Heddon, post 1912, 175, with marked props.  Longer 150 style body.

This is a set of 1908 lures, the gold and silver 150's are absolutely 1908 wood box 'bluntnose' models. 

The profile and measurements of the 175 green crackleback at the bottom of both photos is identical to the 150's above. 

The 175 was built from a 150 body, but with large cups and three large hooks.  1908 lures are found in the type V wood box.   All three of these lures were found in a type V wood box. 

The 150s' were in standard wood boxes, the 175 in a tall wood box.


Above is a c.1905 Heddon 300 with the 'cut-off nose and tail style of body which is also found in the earliest Heddon 175 shown below.  The body of the early 175 is much shorter than the later bodies in 1908.



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