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Shakespeare Revolutions and Intro Fishing Lure Boxes

Shakespeare has a varied and largely unrecorded early history. The early years c.1902-1905 saw the production of a number of unusual lures consistent with the state of the art at the time. Below are several rare pieces:

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A standard size Revolution in a rare marked label wood box which would indicate later (but most likely prior to 1912) production. The wood box end label  indicates the size 4 AR (Aluminum Revolution).


A standard size Revolution in rare yellow with gold spots in the ever more rare correctly marked intro box (marked Yellow Fellow)



The "baby Revolution" with the correct black with silver printing pasteboard box. The box top is water rippled, so it is difficult to photograph.



A later pointed prop Musky Revolution with the rare large intro Musky Revolution box which is marked size R 3.

shkwdbxrev.JPG (60173 bytes)

shyellfellw.JPG (56227 bytes)

shkbabyrev.JPG (43032 bytes)

shakemuskrev.JPG (52633 bytes)

More Revolutions: Early rounded types and later "acorn" types.  In order:

Musky Revolution, with pointed props

Standard Revolution, with rounded props

Later Baby Revolution, with rounded props

Early Baby Revolution, with rounded props

Later Worden's Bucktail Spinner,

Early Worden's Bucktail Spinner, with "Mickey Mouse" rounded props

shk6revs.jpg (48068 bytes)

1902 Shakespeare catalog with illustrations of their 1902 Revolutions and Bucktails

shk1902.jpg (54086 bytes) shk1902a.jpg (24751 bytes) shk1902b.jpg (20572 bytes)

An extremely rare Intro box insert for the Worden Bucktail and Revolution which folds in half to fit in the black and silver Into box.

shkwordn2.JPG (35885 bytes) shkwordn3.JPG (36183 bytes)

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