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Shakespeare Fishing Lures and Boxes: Page One

Rhodes frog in wood box

64 Musky, white

64 Musky, green silver

51 Musky, red floater

3 hook Rhodes minnow in early box

Revolution in black intro box

Shur Lure in black intro box

Worden Bucktail in black intro box

5 hook sienna minnow

5 hook high forehead in picture box

c. 1909 Shakespeare Rhodes Mechanical Swimming Frog in the wood box

rhodesbxend.jpg (26988 bytes)

Additional photos: box

Rare Shakespeare Musky #64, all white, in flat plate hardware and plain props. C. 1916. 



Rare Shakespeare Musky #64, green back, silver belly and red side, in flat hardware, plain props, C. 1916. 



Extremely rare c. 1907- 8 Shakespeare #51 Musky floater in red with sweeping yellow hand painted gill marks, gem clip hardware, B props.  To my knowledge there are only four or five of these lures in existence.


shk52.jpg (20758 bytes)
Rare Shakespeare Rhodes underwater minnow,  yellow in the extremely rare correct maroon box. C. 1907. 

Any Rhodes minnow in the original box is beyond rare.  In this's amazing.

Additional photos:  box

Rare c. 1904 Shakespeare Revolution, painted body "Yellow Fellow", in the correct black and silver picture box.

Additional photos: box2

Rare c. 1904 Shakespeare Sure Lure in the original black and silver intro box. 

The lure brittle hard rubber skirt ,which was fractured, has been 'glued' back together..  Box is in excellent condition.

Additional photos:  box, box2

Rare c. 1904 Shakespeare Worden Bucktail Spinner in the picture box.  Included is the correct rare paperwork for this lure and box.

The rarity here is in the combination, the paper of which there are only a couple of examples in existence, and the box.

  shkwordenpaper.jpg (30785 bytes)

Additional photos: box2, paper, paper2

shkwordenbx.jpg (24144 bytes)
Shakespeare five hook minnow in sienna crackleback.  Flat plate hardware, plain props. 



Rare Shakespeare five hook minnow in yellow perch transitional high forehead ,'B' props, gem clip hardware, in correct marked maroon picture box. C. 1909.  Paper brochure is included.

Additional photos: box

shk44yp.jpg (23338 bytes)  shkbrochpap.jpg (30249 bytes)

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