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Pepper's Revolving Minnow

Winchester five hook underwater  

Chippewa minnow

Pfeiffer's Glass Minnow Tube

Carved eye Kent Floater

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Rare Pepper's Revolving Minnow, in beautiful vivid shiny rainbow colors,  in the correct, marked picture box, C. 1911. 

Lure is in unused excellent condition, box is excellent minus.  No paper.

Additional photos:  box

Winchester five hook underwater minnow in rainbow. 

Lure is in  excellent condition, noting tiny chipping at tail edge.


C. 1912, Chippewa minnow in, green crackleback with correct box.

Lure is in very good plus condition, noting paint off the belly bar .  Earliest, 1910 model Intro box in excellent condition is marked for the #99 green crackleback lure. No paper.  It's about the box, not the lure.

Additional photos:  box

Rare Pfeiffer's Glass Minnow Tube, with rare picture box and the large size correct paperwork. 

Lure is in excellent condition, box is very good plus, paper is in excellent condition. 

A really rare package and difficult to find with all three pieces (box, paper, lure).

Additional photos: box

C. 1914 'Carved eye Kent Floater in the correct maroon box.

Additional photos: face, box

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