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K & K minnow in picture box

Wilcox Wiggler

Charmer minnow, white with red stripe

Pepper Roman Red Tail Minnow in wood box

Worden Combination Minnow in White box

5 hook Woods Expert minnow in wood box

5 hook Pardee minnow

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Rare K & K minnow.  Lure is in excellent minus condition, noting paint fractures on the chin around the belly weight as seen in the belly photo.
Paired with an extremely rare early K & K maroon box in excellent minus condition.   No paper.
(The lure alone in this condition is very difficult to find, but the box is just beyond difficult to obtain in any condition.  It's possible an earlier lure could be paired with this style box.)

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Rare Wilcox Wiggler, type II.  Lure is in excellent condition, noting the front prop is separated from the hub, but not broken. One of the most difficult early miscellaneous pieces to place in any collection. 
Charmer minnow, in rare white head and red stripe.  One of the harder colors to obtain.
Rare Pepper Roman Red Tail minnow, red spots, dark stripe on the back, with correct end marked wood box. C. 1912. 
There never was a label on this box.  It is marked only on the end of the box. 
This is an extremely rare combination of both lure and wood box which is marked.  

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Rare Worden's wooden minnow, original line tie, full bushy tail hair,  with correctly marked white box. 
(A more rare package is hard to find.  'Worden' stamped on the side of the lure.  color 'Aluminum' on the box.)
This lure and the Heddon Slopenose in the intro box were found stored in a metal tackle box hidden in the rafters of a streamside miner's shack in the coal country of Montana.  It is unused.
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Woods "Expert" minnow, early type one hooks, in all silver/aluminum, with correct paper labeled wood box. 
(Again, one of the most difficult miscellaneous packages to acquire.)
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Super Rare F.A. Pardee, Musky minnow, and it still has red paint on the spinner hubs and prop,  with the internally marked bottom of the box. C. 1904.  Note that the sweeping gill mark goes all the way to the back.
Lure is exc. condition.  Box is only the bottom, but it is marked.
(One of three lures found together with the rare Pardee frog in the blue picture box.  Among the most difficult miscellaneous lures to acquire in this kind of condition.)
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