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3 hook Pardee minnow

Miller's Reversible

3 hook Winchester minnow in box

5 hook Michigan Life-Like in box

5 hook Woods Expert minnow

Detroit Glass Tube minnow in box

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Extremely Rare F.A. Pardee minnow, glass eye, the distinguishing red paint is still on the inside of the prop hubs, note the unique high sweeping gill mark behind the eye.  One of the first,  c. 1904.
Lure is in like new excellent condition.  One of three new condition Pardee lures (frog, 3 & 5 hook minnows) which were acquired from the estate of a known Chicago manufacturing tycoon.
Rare Miller's Reversible minnow in yellow with gold spots, NeverFail hardware. 
Lure is in excellent plus condition.  (The condition of this highly prized lure is one of the best ever found.  It appears unused.)
Winchester minnow in dark blood red. 
Lure is lipstick shiny and in like-new excellent plus condition.  Box is unmarked, in excellent minus condition.  No paper.
(There are no paint problems with this lure as are usually found with Winchester lures.)
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Rare Michigan Life-Like five hook minnow with the more rare two piece hardware,  rare picture box and equally rare correct paperwork.   An unequaled combination.
(An unusually fine example of this rare and desirable early miscellaneous lure and box marked on the end as made for a contract hardware co.)
mllikebe.jpg (27499 bytes)  pmllike.jpg (46336 bytes)

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Wood's 'Expert' five hook minnow.  "The Expert" marked on the side. Type One detachable hooks.
Lure is in excellent minus condition, noting paint is off the belly weight.
wdsexptmin.jpg (19341 bytes)
Rare Detroit Glass minnow tube and box.   Sliding type cap. 
A rare combination to have all three parts of this set.
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